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Remoへようこそ! Remoは、本物の人間関係を築くことに焦点を当てたバーチャルイベントプラットフォームです。夢中になれるバーチャル空間を提供することで、イベントを開催し、ネット上でお互いにコミュニケーションをとることができます。


Step 1:Remo にログインして、プライベートにしたいイベントを選択。
Step 2: イベントの右上に表示される「⁝」アイコンをクリック。
Step 3:edit event をクリック。
Step 4: 左にあるナビゲーションバーの prepare に入り、Private Event のボックスをチェック。
Step 5:Save Changes をクリックして保存。
Step 6:左側のナビゲーションバー内の registration を選択し、add emails のテキストボックス内にメールアドレスを貼り付け。一回に200件のメールアドレスを貼り付けることができます。現在エクセルシートからインポートすることはできません。



ガイドツアーでRemoConferenceの魔法のような体験をしましょう: にアクセス&14日間の無料トライアルにサインアップして、あなただけのバーチャルイベントを開催してみましょう!

What Do Organizations Fear Most?

Assurance and predictability can create an environment of convenience. On the various other hand, variations, disruptions & imbalances can disrupt a private or business. Yet, numerous of the best social and technical technologies have actually come out of uncertainty. Why after that do we are afraid uncertainty so a lot? This post outlines possibilities past the fear of variations, disruptions & inequalities. The article provides a brand-new as well as encouraging method to see a few of things we are afraid most.

Changing Organisational Culture – One Team at a Time

Trying to change organisational culture without placing the needs of your people foremost is like attempting to grow a brand-new woodland without thinking about the trees: a method that is destined fail. As a result, the very best approaches for creating organisational society exist not in only establishing leadership but in concentrating on the demands of the teams that they lead. Growths in neuroscience as well as behavioral psychology in the last few years have been properly integrated with the most effective monitoring concept to improve the performance of groups – and to spread this society of high performance from the within out via organisations. Taking a needs-based method to boosting teamwork is one of the most effective method due to the fact that it is shaped around the fundamental motivators and also chauffeurs of human behavior: the really auto mechanics of that we are.

Shining Is To Make Problems Obvious!

The 3rd S of the 5S methodology. A short tale on exactly how to preserve the first 2S (Type and Set) with Luster.

Adapting To Change?

Modification is the result of both all-natural and man-made forces playing out upon our lives. From the time we are created our minds are formed in the construct of excellent and also poor, pleasant and awkward experiences. Life is continuously changing itself to the forces influencing upon it to make sure that each entity attempts to exist by recreating, developing and also adapting to the altering environment.

How Leaders Remove Fables From Corporate Culture

Social anthropologists say a culture is a network of conversations. Whether it is a nation or a business, what people claim inside the organization will certainly establish what type of society can exists. At the exact same time, people have their own independent ideas about the way points are or the means they ought to be. This is where the complication starts. What is at the source of that confusion? Fables! This write-up outlines the makeup of a fable and also exactly how leaders can eliminate it from business culture.

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