Reduce Your IT Costs: Build a Mobile Workforce

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Join us for a webinar to learn how you can transition to a mobile workforce with Parallels Remote Application Server. What is the best way to reduce IT costs and simplify IT management, yet not be worried about security issues?

Learn more at this one-hour webinar on how you can quickly and seamlessly build a mobile workforce and be able to use apps such as Sketch Up on the go.

The webinar will be conducted on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 at 10 am, sign up now.

· Learn. Come learn the latest IT and tech strategies and techniques to move your company forward.
· Discover. Find new technologies and ideas you did not know existed yet plus feedback on what works.
· Connect. Pick up on best practices and new ideas.

Find out more about our launch promo bundle during the webinar, what are you waiting for?

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