Presentation Tips with Keynote Speaker, Blaire Palmer – #2: Desk Set Up

Blaire Palmer is a keynote speaker and a world authority on leadership and the future of work. A former BBC Journalist, she shares her insights from 20 years of coaching and provoking leadership teams with conference audiences all over the world.

Join her in the next installment of Presentation Tips with Keynote Speaker, Blaire Palmer. This week she’s taking you through her desk set up that’ll let you focus on your speech!

Blaire Palmer is a speaker mentor. Reach out to us if you’d like her advice or help on how you and your speakers can give presentations that inspire and engage your online audience.

Engaging Your Workforce Around the Work

Engagement with an objective is the over-arching motif to building as well as maintaining a high-performing society in a distinct and quantifiable method. While research studies have continually discovered a high positive correlation in between employee interaction and also economic efficiency, the information likewise shows that relationship is not always causation; and while staff member engagement is a necessary component for high efficiency, like flour to a cake, it is not enough.In contrast, “Engagement Around the Job” involves details steps for accomplishing a society of involvement that is completely linked with group performance, efficiency as well as job complete satisfaction. It includes a clear objective of interesting individuals around the one thing they all have in common-and the one point that can produce boosted success as well as a lasting one-upmanship: the work.

The Journey Within: Organisational Change From The Individual Outwards

Lasting change in organisations can only transpire through individuals choosing to see the trip ahead, and also actively taking the primary steps, instead of by an exterior process imposed upon them. It is the ‘trip within’ as opposed to the journey ‘without’ that truly makes general change feasible. Neuroscience is dropping a lot more light on the procedure of modification and also exactly how we can be extra efficient with modification initiatives – moving perspectives from resistance to involvement and ‘acquire in’. In doing so, it is bringing us closer to getting rid of among the crucial organisational difficulties of current times …

Brexit – How Not to Manage Change

I am advised of the popular Oliver Hardy catch phrase ‘Well, here’s another wonderful mess you have actually obtained us right into’ when I think of the Brexit result as well as its ramifications for everyone in the UK as well as Europe. Or maybe I ought to state for everyone in Europe as I was under the perception that the UK is in Europe!

How Emotions Can Help Drive Change

Some individuals have the ability to quickly approve change, making swift choices in order to adapt to the new circumstances that are prior to them. But not everybody is as inviting of change because it typically compels him/her out of his/her comfort zone. Modification is uncertain.

What Is Change?

Change. To transform is to differ what is recognized, from what knows, in order to start something new. Nevertheless, adjustment can frequently trigger several individuals to really feel uneasy or anxious.

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