Ottawa’s eXclusive eXperience makes networking work for business executives and community leaders

To grow and stay in business, it is essential to attend quality networking events. Be part of an eXclusive opportunity to leverage Ottawa’s leading monthly networking experience for executives!

eXclusive eXperience events will also donate a portion of proceeds to support Junior Achievement of the Ottawa Network for Education. JA programs teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness skills to student in grades 5 – 12 with real-world tasks like goal-setting, building a personal budget, exploring interests and career pathways, and working with a team to start a small business. Few opportunities exist for young students to develop such key skills and gain real-world experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, so eSAX is pleased to help empower these aspiring business leaders to become job creators.

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience) is an entrepreneur networking community. #eSAX Makes Networking Work !

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eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith ( of Sax Appeal Ottawa (

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