Monthly Forum Part 3 | Women in Tech and Startups | sponsored by Remo

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This Monthly Forum brought together both Women in Tech and Startups from around the world.

Part 3 features a talk by Laura da Silva on Best practices of Data Science for your Startup.

Laura da Silva

An experienced Data Scientist with many years of experience in Data science consultancy for different industries. She is the founder and co-organiser of the Meetup group Inspiring Women in Data Science (IWDS) promoting and inspiring women to engage in the world of Data Science. Given her strong commitment and support, she recently received the Microsoft MVP award in AI for the second year in a row. Laura is currently working as a Freelance data scientist helping companies to succeed in the adoption of AI. She’s always willing to grab a coffee and share experiences around Data Science, Entrepreneurship and Diversity.


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Effective Leadership and Change

What happens when leaders are tested with having to execute adjustments within their organization? Provided the state of the economy, effective leaders should discover just how to successfully carry out changes that will generate favorable, long-term, calculated results.

Change Ability: Ready or Not?

Having the ability to successfully browse adjustment and also pick up from it is just one of the most vital life skills that we can understand. It is essential to our wellness as well as our individual and expert development. We all have different staminas as well as challenges for just how we experience, process and deal with change. When we are facing significant adjustment, it is handy to be familiar with points that may become barriers for us while determining specific staminas that we can attract upon throughout difficult changes. It is also useful to take advantage of our capability to transform with the toughness as well as perspectives of those on our group.

Avoiding Negative Stereotypes About Generation Y

If you focus on the news, you may not have a really favorable opinion about Generation Y, which is otherwise referred to as the “Millennial” generation. Learn why adverse stereotypes about this generation are incorrect, deceptive and possibly dangerous for your business.

Offshore Change Management Implementation, Measurement And Assessment

I am specific that with all the hype regarding offshore business, many have actually questioned how possible or efficient an adjustment monitoring engagement can be deployed as well as examined taking into consideration the restraints integral in the organizational structure and also set-up. Well the answer put simply is “YES, it is feasible and can be efficient”.

Gaining Cooperation Through Course-Correction

A lot of believe that resistance only turns up during change. As an example a company chooses to restructure as well as the instant change provokes worry in the reduced rankings. The truth is the resistance occurred way prior to the change. What (Unless there is some emergency situation or unpredicted obstacle, there was a fantastic deal of procrastination that lead to the requirement for the huge adjustment.).

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