Monthly Forum Part 1 | Women in Tech and Startups | sponsored by Remo

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This Monthly Forum brought together both Women in Tech and Startups from around the world.

Part 1 covers a Panel Discussion on Ethics and AI featuring:

Raashi Saxena is a consultant for Gapminder Foundation, a Swedish non-profit that promotes sustainable global development and achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. She is also a Local Expert for Studio INTO, a fast-growing international research consultancy.

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education for, which provides small business communication services, including their virtual receptionist & intake service, live website chat, AI chatbot, and SMS text answering.

Candyce Costa is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist and the founder of Digital Business Women, a Digital Magazine for promoting, inspiring and motivating digital and tech women around the globe. Her 20 years’ experience in management, sales and marketing has helped the likes of X-Box, Microsoft, Cisco, Xerox and the International Conference and Exhibition increasing sales and better brand positioning. She creates strategies where Sales and Marketing would work together to become a very powerful tools not only to generate new business opportunities and growth but also to establish brands, create strong business relationships and social media influence for B2B companies.


We are an online community connecting entrepreneurial women with marketing and wellness experts. Having worked with 10,000+ women, running over 100 marketing and entrepreneurship workshops around the world, with partners and supporters such as Google, Twitter, 500 Startups, London Business School and more.

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Six Sigma 10 Years On: Was “The Promise” Realized?

Six Sigma went into the medical care industry a little over 10 years back. This article chronicles its initial challenges and also lessons gained from the author that published maybe the first-ever short article documenting Six Sigma in health care. Techniques are provided for healthcare leaders that are interested to introduce Six Sigma to their organizations.

The Missing Ingredient in Improvement Capability

The objective of this short article is to show that there is a crucial as well as essential component in organizational efforts to boost and, if overlooked, can lead to thrown away initiative, frustrated employees, and also suboptimized results. This element is “the missing out on component” in practically every failed renovation effort the author has actually studied in over 15 years of working with healthcare organizations. This short article will reveal this “missing active ingredient” as well as use leaders a more effective method to long-term change management.

Definition of a World Class Operating Model for Insurance

A Top Quality Operating Design is the very best feasible Target Operating Design for an organization, specified based upon the exterior market and also interior governance as well as society. Globe Course specifies an outstanding company able to deliver shareholder value, steady high profits as well as growth with an active organization able to adapt rapidly to market adjustments.

Providers, Payers and IT Supplier Learn It Pays To Get Lean

“Pleasure principle takes too long.” This quip from a popular movie embodies the reasoning of a society that puts so much value on “expedience” that little else issues. Yet in open markets like medical care, expedience is usually inadequate. It should be better, less costly as well as faster to attract attention as an affordable offering. It remains in this spirit that the ideas of Lean manufacturing have gained such traction lately in healthcare. And the principles of Lean are so intuitive as well as engaging, that carriers and also payers alike can apply them as well as derive substantial benefits in economic performance and also client satisfaction.

Unlocking Support for Change

Do you think that leaders like change as well as followers withstand it? This was the misunderstanding I utilized to live under for a variety of years. I thought that leaders were around with a machete, cutting a course through the forest of life and also business, motivating modification, whilst their fans were standing back with folded up arms singing “I will not be relocated”.

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