Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 Crisis

No matter the size of the company (startup or a big corporation) and the type of your business (brand-owner, service or retail) now is the time to act. And we are talking not only about seizing the opportunity.

We know the saying that crisis is the time of opportunity but we are mostly talking about preserving and building the foundation of the future through establishing a stronger relationship with our clients and counterparts, loyalty, education, rethinking the business forward, consolidating for the breakthrough when the time arrives.

If you are a start-up you are more agile but more susceptible to difficulties with the cash flow for example or the supply chain vulnerability. If you are a big corporation you are less agile more stable but have a burden of cots and responsibilities.

It is now not the time to measure the weight of the burden of constraints but rather trying to see beyond and envision what the world would look like post-COVID-19.
We need to be prepared for different scenarios and show leadership to the staff, suppliers and clients. And leadership is also the ability to be emphatic, generous and knowledge sharing.

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