Katherine Cooligan on the current state of entrepreneurship during COVID-19 with Jarrod Goldsmith

Business and community leader Katherine Cooligan (Ottawa Divorce & Family Law Specialist of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP) shares some thoughts on the current state of business during COVID 19. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/katherine-cooligan-37127933)

*Katherine is more than a Family Law lawyer, she is a trailblazer. She is one of very few women in a senior leadership role in a national law firm anywhere in the country. She is the only woman at BLG to hold these senior management roles and is one of only two women on the firm’s National Management Committee. Of the five regional managing partners at BLG, she is the only woman. Katherine’s success is a true testament to her business acumen, leadership skills and legal expertise in practice. She develops and leads the strategic business plan for the region, working with each practice group to ensure their activities achieve the firm’s overall goals – all while maintaining a busy family law practice and raising her three children.

* The above information was taken from the public bio of Katherine Cooligan as found on her LinkedIn profile.

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A Formula for Diagnosing Resistance to Change

The Eurozone dilemma is still quite in the spotlight and it’s clear that the austerity adjustments being enforced on Greece are not invited by the masses. This is adjustment that is being “done to them” which is a really different issue to transform that we start ourselves. In the existing climate lots of firms are managing tough situations and also dealing with change. In the optimal world they might well not be selecting these adjustments, however are having to impose them and also experiencing resistance.

6 Ways to Build Your Personal Resilience and Be More Effective

On any type of provided task you can be relatively sure that points will not go smoothly. Contribute to that being expected to do even more with much less, managing setbacks and conflicts, things constantly slicing and transforming, increasing degrees of unpredictability, push back from elderly monitoring and also difficult stakeholders, miserable and also disengaged individuals, and it’s no surprise that there’s a build-up of tensions and anxieties amongst every person. A job manager’s duty is really requiring and also can really feel quite lonely sometimes. Also if you’re very clever as well as proficient at managing on your own, there are times when the tension of the job starts to take its toll. With all these psychological ups as well as downs, project-related anxiety can conveniently spill right into other parts of your lives. So how do you take care of these obstacles?

How Neuroscience Can Aid Organisational Change

Organisational adjustment, nevertheless required, is seldom a smooth and also pain-free procedure; however the understanding of human habits, team dynamics as well as leadership, created via the studies of neuroscience, can make the process simpler. The previous couple of years, with the global financial turmoils, have indicated lots of changes coming with once for lots of organisations, however change is equally as much a factor when times are good and also the economy is prospering; actually, change truly is the only constant. As people, we don’t constantly accept that change quickly; our job is our survival – it’s just how we make the cash to sustain ourselves as well as our families therefore many of us see adjustment as a threat to that. So leading an organisation through the unavoidable changes that occur is a large challenge.

Assumptions Masquerading As Truth Must Be Exposed to Raise Productivity

To be reliable, a leader has to embrace the frame of mind that accepted realities be challenged to prove their continued significance for the organization. This “pursuit of reality” is a core leadership success element. Recent study from Harvard Organization School provides an excellent instance of just how commonly held ideas can be wrong, and also be a drag to productivity.

Four Signs Your Change Initiative Is Stuck

There comes a time in the majority of adjustment initiatives when you are rotating your wheels. Without realizing you remain in reality stuck, you will probably keep attempting the same approaches to relocate the organization ahead, with little success. Once you recognize that what you are doing isn’t working, you can stop doing what got you stuck in the very first location and after that try something new to acquire grip once more.

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