Jamie Lynn Pokrzywka of Batter Up Bakery on how she got started and why she loves baking in Ottawa!

Jamie-Lynn, owner of Batter Up Bakery (https://www.batterupbakery.ca) has been making specialty cakes, custom cookies, cake pops and a variety of treats for many years, but took the leap in May 2018 to launch full-time.

Hear a little background information on what she loves about the industry and why she is is a successful women entrepreneur in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Produced and edited by Jérémy Prud’homme of Jeeman Productions (https://www.jeeman.tv) with MC Jean-Paul Yovanoff (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jean-paul-yovanoff-50436859) of Musical Theatre Radio (https://www.musicaltheatreradio.com).

Recorded at the January 2020 eSAX event.

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