Dear Parent,

Before investing in a home to live in, do you do due diligence in terms of location, finances required, resources in the neighborhood, schools in the vicinity and a long-term plan, or do you just go and buy any house?

Then when it comes to the most important thing in your life, your child’s future, why do you make an ill-informed and ad-hoc decision, primarily based upon marks obtained in school exams or peer pressure and expectations of parents and society?

Are you sure your child will remain happy in life by becoming an engineer or a doctor or lawyer/ CA etc.?

Are you really aware of all the strengths of your child? Are you aware of the various occupations that your child can be extremely happy in and also get huge value for the work that he/ she does while creating a respectful identity for self in this world?

Further, have you really calculated the educational investment that you will be making ?

Well, let me show you what happens when the career of your child is unplanned and then compare it with a planned career, which involves scientifically proven and reliable methodologies and processes involving both the children and parents.

Please register and watch this free webinar where we shall take you through the ‘Dheya’ path for children specifically designed to enable super successful careers aligned with the unique strengths of each child.

Team Dheya || Career Helpline No: 9923400555

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