Increased Visibility Frees up your Team for Higher Value …

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Facility teams are understaffed and overworked. While square footage and equipment responsibilities continue to grow, available resources stay the same, at best, and more likely decrease over time. Traditionally, overseeing facility operations has been a purely manual process, and has lacked a true understanding of where and how to prioritize. But through automated fault detection and software-based HVAC optimization, facility teams at universities and colleges can now dramatically increase visibility into their operations, gaining a deeper understanding of how their facilities actually operate. These tools and their powerful diagnostics, improved controls, and actionable insights lead to more efficient operations and let staff at all levels focus their time on higher value projects that show real results.

Join BAS expert Andrew Marsh from BuildPulse and HVAC Optimization expert Steven Horowitz from Optimum Energy for a roadmap to unlocking your team’s time, reducing your operations costs and making an impact across your campus building portfolio.

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