How to use the virtual platform Remo for networking events, conferences or trade shows

This video is on how to use the virtual platform Remo for networking events, conferences or trade shows by Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX

This VIRTUAL experience is for event planners, organizations, conferences, fundraisers and associations that is perfect for creating events of any size! More information, and to have eSAX HOST your upcoming event(s) please visit:

Remo is a virtual event platform that will change how people, organizations, conferences, fundraisers, associations & networking events remotely connect! THIS is the ideal solution for event planners. From small networking groups, to large conferences or trade shows of 100’s of people, this is an easy-to-use virtual platform with excellent functionality and customization

– Use this link for a FREE 2 week free trial:

– Easily connect with attendees via social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook
– Invite multiple speakers ‘on-stage’ to address all participants
– Break-out into smaller groups (up to 8 people
– Interact with others at different tables (much like a real event)
– Attendees can visit any other table at their discretion without asking a host
– Easily showcase sponsors & stakeholders
– Share screens and a white board with others
– Send messages to all participants, only those in your room, or privately
And much more!

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience – ) is an entrepreneur networking community for small business.

eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith ( of Sax Appeal Ottawa (

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Five Fundamental Questions for Leaders: Question Four – Who’s On Your Side?

In today’s organisations, leaders (as well as those who embrace positions of leadership at any type of level) require to dedicate to remaining existing, remaining in touch with stakeholders and keeping their skills developed. Papers and TELEVISION have plenty of stories of leaders who seem to have shed touch with their fans as well as – in some situations – lost touch with truth. Organisational leaders and their teams just exist since of the support and also following they receive. There are 5 questions that leaders, particularly, require to concentrate on. “That’s On Your Side?” assists leaders consider their network of calls inside and also outside the organisation with whom they need to construct as well as preserve working partnerships.

Question: Which Is The Better Certification, ITIL or PMP?

I was asked just recently “Which is the better qualification, ITIL or PMP?”. PMP (Job Administration Expert) or ITIL (Information Technology Facilities Library, ISO 20000). Either among these accreditations will certainly get you great pay. PMP might do it quicker yet ITIL is certain for Details Innovation professionals. Which lends reputation depends on what your field is. You have to pick wisely.

Five Fundamental Questions for Leaders: Question Three – What Will Be Different?

In recognizing the function of management and also working to end up being a far better leader there are 5 fundamental concerns that necessitate major interest. These inquiries develop the basis of a structured representation which can help leaders concentrate, determine their concerns and also determine how to stand out in their picked field. Management could sometimes take place by coincidence but it is not lasting without mindful effort and applied discovering. What Will Be Different? – Adjustment is the main feature of management as well as, some would say, its only reason for presence. You don’t need a leader to take you someplace you have actually been before

Five Fundamental Questions for Leaders: Question Two – Why Should They Follow You?

5 fundamental inquiries must be the focus of interest for any person ready to take a management role in today’s organisations. These questions go to the heart of understanding what it is the leader seeks to attain and exactly how his or her personality, honesty as well as skill will make the vision a reality. The key to a leader’s influence is not, in truth, their ability, character or charm. The only thing that specifies a leader is whether individuals pick to adhere to or not.

Five Fundamental Questions for Leaders: Question One – What Do You Stand For?

For today’s leaders there are five essential inquiries that they ought to be able to answer for themselves and others as the key to their management design, emphasis and energy. “What Do You Represent?” is the inquiry that mosts likely to the heart of management. The deeply held values, vehicle drivers, objectives and ideas that identify the leader and his or her cause. Maybe the most famous speech of perpetuity is Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”. Just telling everyone he had a dream would have accomplished absolutely nothing. The underlying values were the idea in flexibility, equal rights and also the end of discrimination.

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