How to sell out your next online event | Part 3 | Remo #Talks

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Talk on: How do I sell out my event led by Tijana Momirov a software engineer and product manager.

Tijana Momirov
A software engineer, product manager and remote worker of 10 years.
Tijana Momirov is a software engineer and product manager, working 100% remotely for 10 years already while travelling the world as a nomad. She helps startups start in the remote environment and leverage the gig economy and freelancing to grow super lean. Tijana is a huge advocate of remote work and loves blogging and giving talks about managing remote teams, productized expert services, the gig economy, freelancing, startups, nomad lifestyle and similar. She takes part in many communities and events, both offline and online, often as an organizer / speaker. The win win win of the remote work (for the businesses, for the individual professionals, and for the environment by cutting down on daily commutes and on-site events) is one of the most crucial points for Tijana.


What is Remo?

Remo Conference is the first-ever virtual networking event platform to allow people to have face-to-face networking just like at offline events. The #1 reason why people go to offline events is to network with their peers, but today webinars don’t offer this experience. Remo provides a virtual networking experience that allows attendees to meet each other like at an offline event.

“Described as the best networking platform!”

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