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Boosting Sales, Repurposing Content, and Leveraging Relationships After Your Online Event with George Huang, Former Plastic Surgeon, Business Coach, Founder, and Author.

George Huang
Former Plastic Surgeon, Business Coach, Founder and Author
Starting out as a young plastic surgeon in 1995, I struggled mightily with the business side of medicine. Overcoming those challenges ultimately inspired me to become the business guide and mentor I wish I’d had when I needed a helping hand.

Since 2005, I’ve helped service-oriented entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate their business reach and revenue. One of my clients surpassed my revenue acceleration record (six-figure annualized stream in 70 days) and others have come close (99-392 days).

I’m the co-creator of ProfitStash, a financial app for entrepreneurs that guides them to set meaningful financial, sales, and marketing goals, co-author of Financial Statements Made Practical, being used in business schools in the US,, business and profitability strategist for holistic physicians, conversion copywriter, and tireless champion for building interactivity into online events to enhance engagement, connection, and collaboration.


What is Remo?

Remo Conference is the first-ever virtual networking event platform to allow people to have face-to-face networking just like at offline events. The #1 reason why people go to offline events is to network with their peers, but today webinars don’t offer this experience. Remo provides a virtual networking experience that allows attendees to meet each other like at an offline event.

“Described as the best networking platform!”

Developing Leaders for the Next Generation – Part Two

Entrepreneur frequently believe that they’ll function for life. They stop working to prepare for the future, and also their legacies have a tendency to endure consequently. Learn just how company owner can take fee of the future by changing to the new normal of business.

Smooth Is Fast, But Fast Ain’t Smooth!

When I was a young Military lieutenant training at Ft Knox, Kentucky and also discovering how to take the battle to the opponent with a 68-ton Abrams battle storage tank, I had the excellent fortune to go across paths with an individual whose easy advice sticks to me all these years later. His name was Gunnery Sergeant Mummey as well as he was almost the most crusty, battle-hardened Marine I had actually ever found. Gunnery Sergeant Mummey spent his days and also nights delighting in seeing the freshly produced officers who were his students smack hopelessly within the boundaries of their tanks, trying their finest …

How to Prepare for Your Exit Plan

It’s time to begin considering life after your service. Before conference with your departure intending specialist, see to it you have these 7 items to make sure that you make the ideal usage of your time.

Project Management and Their Stakeholders

Task Management has a number of vital individuals included indirectly and also directly in a task. This demonstrates how to recognise the various sorts of entailed celebrations.

Developing Leaders for the Next Generation: An Introduction

Teaching the future generation exactly how to perform a work is necessary, yet showing future leaders exactly how to manage successfully is much more crucial. Establishing the future generation of leaders is essential to your legacy and also the health and wellness of your company going onward.

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