How to sell out your next online event | Part 1 | Remo #Talks

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In this monthly series of Remo #Talks we will be sharing best practices on how to sell out your next online event.

Event attendees do not magically appear.

You need a solid strategy to bring in and nurture your leads.

But what does this involve?

We’re going to be diving deep and sharing experiences, stories and the chance for you to network with event professionals and more!

Panel Discussion How to create a Successful Online Event that Converts


Nadia Harris-Kosior
HR Remote Work Advocate
My name is Nadia Harris-Kosior. During my professional career, I have worked with a wide range of international companies – both start ups and structured corporations. My area of expertise includes but is not limited to talent acquisition strategies in Europe, the United States and Asia. I work as a consultant who implements remote work solutions – communication patterns, processes and procedures and tools that allow a company to efficiently manage remote workers. I believe that both hiring smart and retaining the right employees on board is the key to success. It’s not only empty promises made during a recruitment process but proper matching of candidates with they future jobs, excellent onboarding, clear goals and reporting tools as well as a transparent working culture.


Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy
Execution strategist at
Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy is an Execution strategist, married mom of 2, serial entrepreneur, community builder, speaker, author, & Diversity in Tech Enthusiast. She loves learning as well as teaching new and creative ways to find solutions to problems. She is here to help others become more productive, execute on their ideas, & go from being a dreamer to being a doer.

Jim Ross
I’ve been involved in the self storage industry for over 20+ years.
I’ve enjoyed speaking at various self storage conferences throughout the U.S., conducting workshops, and most recently I put together the first ever online self storage conference!

A few years ago I started producing a self storage podcast. I hope that it educated and maybe even entertained a little bit at the same time. We talked about marketing, increasing your rentals and making money. That rolled into me opening up my own third party management company and other services designed to help your self storage facility be a success.

It’s my goal that The Virtual Self Storage Network will continue to bring industry professionals together to share their knowledge and experiences to those that are looking to make their self storage businesses a massive success.

Angelina Ebeling
Founder, CEO
Angelina is the founder and CEO of acework, the remote talent platform connecting vetted candidates with remote career opportunities. Angelina has expertise in working with companies to transition to flexible working, and regularly consults teams on effectively hiring remote talent. Prior to founding acework, she led the US expansion of a German tech startup in New York City, where she realised the potential of remote work.


What is Remo?

Remo Conference is the first-ever virtual networking event platform to allow people to have face-to-face networking just like at offline events. The #1 reason why people go to offline events is to network with their peers, but today webinars don’t offer this experience. Remo provides a virtual networking experience that allows attendees to meet each other like at an offline event.

“Described as the best networking platform!”

The Baby Boomer Refrain: They’re Really Going to Miss Us When We’re Gone

American Service, bid farewell to the Child Boomer generation as we begin our march into retirement. Behind us are Generation “X” as well as Generation “Y” to fill up the left ranks. However, for every one of these years you have customized your policies as well as benefit structure for the Boomer Generation. The newbies being available in behind us are very various as well as the policies that worked so well for as long will certainly need to transform. This article reviews vital generational differences as it associates to the workplace and recommends adjustments that will certainly require to be made. Which generation is finest? The response is that there is no finest, just distinctions. To address this brand-new, arising reality, adjustments will certainly be needed to preserve a happy as well as productive workplace.

Defining Reality for Transitioning Organizations

Shifts in business, or any type of organization for that issue, require link how they start as well as how they end. Frequently, management within lots of companies appear to invest more time concentrating on their future instructions than where they are. Yet examining just how the organization found themselves in their current reality rarely obtains done.

How To Make Business Change Work

Modification within an organization is not always easy to handle, despite just how much the company needs to change to make it more competitive it will certainly usually fail prior to it has the chance to obtain going because the workers aren’t gotten in touch with enough concerning just how it will function. Employees are the heart of a company, and also when they are made to really feel like they are actively driving the modification themselves, whatever ends up being easier.

Managing Change in Healthcare

Adjustment is everywhere, and particularly prominent in Medical care, throughout the complete continuum of care. Hospitals, surgi-centers, nursing residences, rehab facilities, outpatient centers, medical professionals and also various other specialist health and wellness carriers have all experienced it on a routine basis. Then it walks around again, in a seemingly never finishing cycle.

Restructured – Renewed?

The large talk in these last 10 days has actually been reorganizing. That’s been huge news; beginning with the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and what started as area repairing has actually involved restructuring the BCCI board itself– Srinivasan vacated as well as Dalmiya returning in. One does not know just how that is going to play out, we’ll have to wait as well as enjoy.

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