Disinformaatio somessa ja Somevaikuttajat informaatiovaikuttamista vastaan

Miten tunnistetaan disinformaatio somessa (työkalut?), Ari Haasio, SeAMK
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Somevaikuttajat informaatiovaikuttamista vastaan – case, Pinja Orre, PING Helsinki
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Boiling Frogs

In the last pair of weeks Robert Mugabe’s placement has actually ended up being increasingly absurd and also illogical, even in the eyes of some who formerly were hesitant to talk out. Many despots didn’t start in this way, they began with suitables, several of them well intentioned, however probably as David Owen (Lord Owen) argued in his recent book, probably there is a “clinical” problem to do with the impact of power on formerly sensible and also high valued individuals that causes them to become callous their very own actions. This distortion is clear to see in extremes like Mugabe’s, but necessarily harder to find in ourselves. Leaders of organisations aren’t immune to the result that power can have on the method they take care of as well as lead, blind as they commonly are to the space in between just how they think they are discovering to those around them as well as the result their actions and also choices are actually having.

Comparative Advantage

An individual has a comparative benefit at generating something if he can generate it at reduced cost than any individual else – this is what i keep in mind of studying this as part of macro economics during my intermediate college, college graduation as well as of training course as component of my Management college graduation. So the factor I am trying to make is that the outsourcing or I would such as to call it as relative advantage is not a brand-new concept and most definitely not correct on anybodies component to grumble that it has actually consumed up their job. If that holds true so, I ought to weep …

13 Reasons For Radical Action – Keeping Pace With the Speed of Thought

Stats frequently lead us down the yard path as we look at each finding and muse on the implications. Put all the findings with each other as well as you quickly see that the consciousness that got us into the scenario is not the consciousness that will certainly lead us out. To make the shift, out of the box discovering is required together with a desire to forge a future with better hope. This takes courage, leadership and also the inherent ability held in the leader within.

Incrementalism – A Path to Change

Modification doesn’t constantly need to be immediate, significant, or high-risk. Step-by-step change is one means to achieve progress while preventing some of the chaos.

Build Something If You Want to Build Great Teams

Producing passionate visions based around shared worth, principles as well as advancement are essential starting points for extreme change. However something much more is needed to make change enduring. Individuals and also teams require to reorganise around the new things that require to be supplied. The requirement to ship something new transforms inspiring words into concrete actions.

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