Digital Marketing Directions: Key Trends Driving Digital …

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Are you confused and frustrated by the rapid pace of change in digital marketing? Do you find yourself struggling to get ahead or sometimes feeling that it’s hard to even keep up?

You’ll find out how to anticipate, analyze, and adapt to the changes coming to search, social, and content marketing in the New Year and how to put those to work for your business. Tim Peter will focus on:

• Emerging and core trends common across digital channels – including search, social, and content marketing – that you need to know next year
• How successful companies are leveraging those trends to improve their brands and business
• Tips and techniques for staying ahead of the game all year long

In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar, Tim will provide insights into the core trends shaping marketing and provide you with some simple, effective tools to stay in front, all year long. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn some necessary skills to help you compete in the constantly-evolving digital landscape.

Special presentation sponsored by BarnRaisers, GaggleAMP, Gerris Corp, MountainTop Data, SoloSegment, and Tim Peter & Associates

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