“Different ways of finding freelance work” with Antonio B…

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This week, our guest speaker is Antonio Bello. Currently working as a freelance software engineer at Elapsus. He covers the entire software development life cycle, from concept to final product, using the best technologies. He handles iOS, Android, backend, and macOS development.

Antonio started writing code on a Commodore Vic20, in BASIC and 6502 Assembler. Writing code became his profession in 1997 and he worked mostly on mobile services (SMS, WAP), using technologies like FoxPro, C++, MFC, Java, Oracle and more.

In 2003, he started a new adventure at AG Team, which lasted only for one year. Since then, he began his career as a freelancer.

During this Lunch & Learn, Antonio will talk about his professional journey from corporate to freelancing, and he will also talk about different methods of getting started with freelancing and the different ways of finding projects.

Join us and ask Antonio anything!

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