Covid-19 employer webinar: what to do this week – 28th May 2020

Number 10 in the weekly ‘what to do’ series aimed at senior HR practitioners looking for expert guidance and advice on surviving the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.

As the country returns to work, we examine the steps the country needs to be taking and offer an employer’s checklist. Learn from a unions expert and an organisation about to reopen its doors. Employers must get to grips with the sticking points and ensure they take proactive steps in re-opening for business.

We will also be looking to Europe for lessons after Cambridge University leaked a decision to remain online until September 2021. How does the short- and medium-term look for students of all ages?

As ever, do email with any issues you would like to be addressed.

Drawing on our almost two decades’ worth of pandemic planning and management expertise, we are delighted to offer these free weekly senior HR webinars as part of the #KeepBritainWorking initiative.

(You can find our full list of past and future conferences, workshops and webinars on our website: We are currently developing all of our training in a digital format)

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