Coronavirus Series: Huna & Access Consciousness Energy Clearing

Huna is an ancient Hawaiian Healing Modality; of the 20 different Modalities I am trained in, Huna is always right up there with my clients. Feedback from attendees of this Online Webinar Event:

“Marilyn THANK YOU so so much for such an incredible session and for your energy.”

“Very deep.. felt lots of movement of energy up the back of the spine as well.”

“I had tears, and I felt my heart beating through my fingertips.”


I am often asked if the clearings still work if you are listening to the replay. Below is an outline from one of my clients in Australia (I’m in the UK), who listened to one of my Huna Higher Self Processes as a mp3 audio recording after a live event:

“Hi Marilyn

This was lovely. While you were doing your intro and preamble I was jotting down what I wanted to work on and then just before we started I think I got to the crux of what I really wanted to work on! There’s a bit of a list so hopefully I’ll have time to do it again before it’s no longer available.

Initially my third eye, throat, heart centre and solar plexus all felt compressed, and it was uncomfortable to say the least. After the first round of Huna, I sensed the image of a triangle of fire.

During and after the second round I felt the pain being drawn out of my body via my heart centre. I slowly began to feel lighter, my heart centre opened more than previously and felt like I was glowing from the inside out, as I’m typing the phrase ‘as if the light of my soul is now able to shine through my heart centre’ comes to mind.

The third round gave me the sense of my heart centre expanding into the Universe and I now have a sense of feeling more open and I believe I have totally cleared the blocks. I feel confident, happy, open, positive and I’m glowing at the joy of it all!!!

Do please let me know if you need anymore info.

So a huge thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

With Love & Gratitude

Pippa xx”

Pippa Neve
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You will find a small selection of Huna Client Case Studies here:

You can read more here about my clients around the world have experienced during their remote online Sessions:

You will find information about the 1-Day Huna Video Webinar Workshop here: There is a 40% saving for Expo attendees if you would like to take the virtual 1-day online Huna class.

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