#CMGRHangout presents: What to Look for in a Community Role

You know that part of the interview where you’re asked if you have any questions? We really need to utilize that better. That question is your opportunity to find out literally anything you want to know about the potential role, boss and company. But do you know what to ask? It’s important to understand that you are interviewing this prospective new company just as much as they are interviewing you.

Join us for this week’s #CMGRHangout panel on Friday, September 4th at 2pm EDT/11am PDT to learn what to look for in a community role and what to ask a prospective employer.

+Jonathan Brewer, +Dom Garrett and +Sherrie Rohde will be hosting the hangout with +Jenn Chen, +Charlotte Kubler, +Berrak Sarikaya and +Shannon Wenkoff as panelists. +Carrie Keenan and +Sarah Nagel will be moderating the Twitter chat using #CMGRHangout.

Discussion Questions

1. What are some key attributes you look for in a new community role?
2. What resources do you use to profile a company?
3. Are there any signs to look for to determine a company’s ethics and values?
4. How do you determine if your new boss would be a good fit?
5. What are some key questions to ask during the interview?
6. What other tips do you have for analyzing a potential community role?

RSVP & Watch the Hangout

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Let’s discuss ways you can attend:

Watch: You do NOT need to join the hangout. Just stay on the Google+ Event and you’ll see the video on YouTube. (Don’t worry, it will be there and start playing as soon as the broadcast begins.)

Talk and Be Seen: If you decide you want to talk, not just watch, please let us know in advance. (We will only invite a few people for this event, so let us know why you would like to attend.) 

Chat: You can watch here and/or follow the conversation on Twitter using #CMGRHangout .

If you join us on the hangout, a wired internet connection is preferred and if you have a headset with mic or earbuds, that works best for the audio. You will also need a working webcam.

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