#CMGRHangout presents: The Importance of Integrity in Community Building

Integrity matters, and it especially matters when building communities. Why? Integrity, among other things, means following through on what you promise to do. This matters for community because it builds trust and without trust from your community, you have nothing. In this hangout we looked at the following discussion points:

1. What is integrity?
2. Why does integrity matter (in general)?
3. What role does integrity play in communities?
4. What happens when we’re put in a position that may compromise the integrity of a community?
5. What happens when a community manager lacks integrity?
6. What happens when a community member lacks integrity?
7. What can we do to encourage each other to maintain integrity with our communities?

If You Want to Make Enemies, Try to Change Something

Woodrow Wilson was priced estimate as stating “If you intend to make enemies, attempt to change something”. All business have to change as certainly the marketplace modifications or the business itself expands. Taking care of modification successfully is crucial to the effects that the changes have on the firm. The modifications might well make great financial sense but if you do not take your work pressure with you those modifications might have dreadful consequences.

Change Management – Why Are Personal and Organizational Changes Still Failing?

My experience leads me to believe that a person of the reasons individual and organizational changes fall short is since taking care of modification is a self-control, included lots of skills, that needs ongoing technique. The self-discipline required to make the change take place is not a skill that our ‘I want it currently’ society cultivates.

Corporate Culture – A Relational & Humanistic Approach

A business culture expert discusses the comprehensive personal theories of social science research study which underpin the Cultureship technique of research study and execution. Relocating far from the intrinsic Positivism and also procedure emphasis of much of conventional Monitoring Science, he puts individuals – constantly in effective, constantly rising and gratifying personal relationships – initially.

Change Management and Franchise Mergers Considered

Lots of franchisors, especially small ones have really high failure rates and when they get right into a pickle with concerns to capital most of them will market out the competition. This means they might leave their franchisees high and also dry. It additionally means that the new franchisor might really cut several of the franchisees because they take on their existing units.

Cultural Change Management – Peace Be Upon You

Why do some changes fall short and others succeed? In this instance, an absence of understanding in a void in between cultures. I had the pleasure of meeting a gent from Saudi Arabia at a change management program.

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