#CMGRHangout presents: How Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities

As community professionals, we often see those in our industry ask how to get their community more engaged. You might disagree, but every time I see this question my first inclination is to step back and think about why that community is there in the first place. Communities don’t just exist because we want them to, they exist for a reason, for a purpose. Each member of your community identified with a need that can be met by participating your community—it’s up to you to know what that need is, or to figure it out.

Recently, Bill Johnston wrote an article titled Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities (https://blog.structure3c.com/2016/05/10/purpose-will-power-future-online-communities/) where he explains his model of Purpose & Online Communities and how we need to look not only at the community’s purpose as part of strategic development, but also the role of purpose for community members.

Join us for this week’s #CMGRHangout panel on Friday, May 27th at 2pm ET/11am PT to look at how purpose will power future online communities.

+Jonathan Brewer and +Sherrie Rohde will be hosting the hangout with +Bill Johnston, +Jenn Lebowitz and +Patrick O’Keefe on panel. +Christin Kardos and +Carrie Keenan will be moderating the Twitter chat using #CMGRHangout .

Discussion Questions

1. Without getting too lost, how can we define purpose?
2. What is the difference between community engagement and manipulation?
3. How can we identify purpose for community members?
4. How can we create community experiences that are less static?
5. How can we help community members achieve their purpose within communities?
6. What happens when a participant no longer feels they need the community?
7. How can companies work together with communities to refine their purpose as an organization?

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Chat: You can watch here and/or follow the conversation on Twitter using #CMGRHangout .

If you join us on the hangout, a wired internet connection is preferred and if you have a headset with mic or earbuds, that works best for the audio. You will also need a working webcam.

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