#CMGRHangout presents: Enhancing Communities with Video

Since our community is so largely focused on video through Google Hangouts on Air, we decided to bring together a panel of other community managers who work with video based communities or use video as an integral part of their community to address how to enhance communities with video.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to enhance your community with video, be sure to join us for #CMGRHangout on Friday, January 10th at 2pm EST! +Jonathan Brewer and +Sherrie Rohde will be hosting the Hangout with +Trish Fontanilla, +Tim McDonald, +Elise Ramsay and +Jessica Salinas as panelists. +Carrie Keenan and +Sarah Mordis will be moderating the Twitter chat using #CMGRHangout.


+Trish Fontanilla 
VP, Community & Customer Experience at Vsnap

Trish is the VP of Community & Customer Experience at Vsnap, a video messaging platform for people in sales & account management to bring warmth into their client interactions. When she’s not vsnappin’, she volunteering with Boston Cares, Technovation Challenge, and Wonder Women of Boston. Say hi!

Connect with Trish on Twitter at @trishofthetrade or on Google+.

+Tim McDonald 
Director of Community at The Huffington Post, Founder at My Community Manager

Tim builds communities, not networks, through building individual relationships that create movements. Director of Community at The Huffington Post. A passionate member of #NoKidHungry Social Council, striving to end childhood hunger in the US. Believer of connecting people with a purpose.

Connect with Tim on Twitter at @tamcdonald or on Google+.

+Elise Ramsay 
Community Manager at Wistia

Elise is the Community Manager at Wistia, a video hosting company built for business (not cats). She’s passionate about connecting people and helping businesses big & small do awesome things with video. She also coaches the Wistia dance team. Find her on Twitter and say hello with your best GIF!

Connect with Elise on Twitter at @eliseramsay or on Google+.

+Jessica Salinas 
Community Manager at Livestream
Jessica is a Texas native living in NYC where she is currently the Acting Editor at Livestream. It is her job to discover events that their users are creating and highlight those events on their site and across their social channels. There are live events happening all the time, from all over the world and she gets to curate the good stuff.

Connect with Jessica on Twitter at @jaesalinas or on Google+.

Discussion Questions

Q1) How do you use video in your community?
Q2) How do you get people comfortable with being on video?
Q3) What makes video different from other types of communities?
Q4) What are some benefits you’ve seen from incorporating video in communities?
Q5) What was one of your favorite video moments in your community?
Q6) What advice do you have for a community that wants to start using video?

RSVP & Watch the Hangout

RSVP here to let us know you’re going to watch. This will add the event to your calendar and remind you to attend! If you want to be on air, please let us know in advance by commenting here.

Let’s discuss ways you can attend:

Watch: You do NOT need to join the hangout. Just stay on the Google+ Event and you’ll see the video on YouTube. (Don’t worry, it will be there and start playing as soon as the broadcast begins.)

Talk and Be Seen: If you decide you want to talk, not just watch, click to join the hangout when we post the link here or when you see the notification. (We will only invite a few people for this event, so let us know why you would like to attend.) Do NOT click the link to join the hangout if you are just here to watch.

Chat: You can watch here and/or follow the conversation on Twitter using #cmgrhangout.

Any questions? Just let us know in advance. Please don’t wait until 2pm EST to ask questions. 

If you join us on the hangout, a wired internet connection is preferred and if you have a headset with mic or earbuds, that works best for the audio. You will also need a working webcam.

Not sure what time this is for your location? http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=5,0,5967629&h=5&date=2014-1-10&sln=14-15

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