#CMGRHangout presents: Creating Culture in Communities

According to the Community Tool Box, “As community builders, understanding culture is our business.” I couldn’t agree more. In a 1998 issue of CultureWork, and yes community and culture both existed in 1998, Bill Flood shares that “Culture is where we feel most at home. It gives us identity and meaning. Culture is both what we create and the societal glue that holds us together—or tears us apart.” Culture connects us, and as community builders, it’s our job to connect with our communities and help them connect with each other.

Join us for this week’s #CMGRHangout panel on Friday, April 24th at 2pm EDT to discuss the the importance of creating culture in building communities and tips for how to create culture in your community.

+Jonathan Brewer, +Dom Garrett and +Sherrie Rohde will be hosting the Hangout with +Jessica Malnik, +Scott Moore and +Isabelle Rohr as panelists. +Sarah Nagel will be moderating the Twitter chat using #CMGRHangout .

Discussion Questions

1. What are some of the key components of your community’s culture?
2. How did you know where to start with identifying culture in your community?
3. Who helped to define your community’s culture?
4. How did you begin to implement culture in your community?
5. How do you maintain culture in your community as the community grows?
6. How often do you re-evaluate the values and culture of your community?
7. Share an example of how culture has helped impact your community.

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Let’s discuss ways you can attend:

Watch: You do NOT need to join the hangout. Just stay on the Google+ Event and you’ll see the video on YouTube. (Don’t worry, it will be there and start playing as soon as the broadcast begins.)

Talk and Be Seen: If you decide you want to talk, not just watch, please let us know in advance. (We will only invite a few people for this event, so let us know why you would like to attend.) 

Chat: You can watch here and/or follow the conversation on Twitter using #CMGRHangout .

If you join us on the hangout, a wired internet connection is preferred and if you have a headset with mic or earbuds, that works best for the audio. You will also need a working webcam.

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