#CMAD presents: Using The Art of Storytelling to Connect Brands to Audiences and Communities

Storytelling is an ancient art form which comes naturally to us all. As small children, we engage in all kinds of play, and much of it is usually built around a story. It’s so powerful and important to us that it’s part of our genetic makeup.

With the advent of social media, marketers can now reach many more audiences than before. Simultaneously, brands have become aware of the value of building and maintaining community, in order to gain more traction and resonance with their customers. The child’s game of Storytelling has now risen to the fore as a critical component of engagement, for both social media and community management.

Join us for an in-depth look at the power, importance and potential impact of storytelling for social media, community management, prospective customer engagement and audience resonance. Our panel of experts will address, discuss and debate complex topics and tools that are now being used to support Storytelling, such as content marketing, personalisation, authenticity, engagement, SEO and copywriting.

“It begins with knowing a story you want to tell. Everything else will follow.” – Kevin Spacey, Content Marketing World keynote, 2014

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The Five Principles of Sustainable Business Success – Creating Success Opportunities in Any Economy

Call it a sluggish down or an economic crisis, the influence is the very same – times are testing. You now have to look with higher interest at what you do, the decisions you make, and also their effect on solution, performance and also earnings.

The Underutilized Standard Process

Making modifications in a company, specifically when you start a new technique of technique can be packed with pitfalls as well as energy might be sluggish. Applying Lean, 6 Sigma or any modification method as your selected technique for modification or any various other directing principal can be seen by staff members as “simply one more trend that will be entered 6 months like all the others”.

The Benefits of an Advisor During Times of Change

Changes can be tough for a small company to weather. This could consist of adjustments within the economic situation, adjustments to customer bases, or even changes of locale. Whatever the kinds of modification you might be dealing with, you could profit by obtaining the assistance of an organization expert or professional.

Solutions to Workplace Paralysis Experienced by Gen X and Y Workers

The economic downturn is effecting Generation X and Y significantly a lot more than Child Boomers and also Traditionalist staff members for a number of factors. In order to be effective, great supervisors should assist the more youthful employees to endure the personal as well as economic anxiety of an economic downturn.

Managing Change – Choose Wisely

Companies have less resources today, fewer people to function on projects. ‘Doing extra with less’ does not relate to functioning individuals harder and longer. Resort, revival, as well as equilibrium are needed for any type of staff member to be effective and stay motivated.

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