#CMAD presents: Resurgence of Owned Communities

The internet was forged by small, highly engaged communities of interest, and this ‘owned’ approach was favoured by cutting edge brands and organisations as a uniquely powerful way to build relationships with customers or fans. But as social network monoliths like Facebook took off, branded communities fell out of favour (for many), and were replaced by a social outpost model that’s delivered tremendous success, but many challenges.

As the power of data and CRM come into their own, and organisations grow weary of keeping up with the commercial agenda of vast channels they don’t have claim to, the ‘owned’ or branded community seems poised for a comeback.

We’ll look at:

• How owned communities set the foundations for today’s social web
• Defining owned community – what does it mean? Has that definition changed over time?
• Key differences and benefits of owned community (why they’ve persisted)
• How is community managing an owned community (like a forum) different to managing a Facebook page or Twitter account?
• How branded communities can work hand in hand with social media

We’d love to hear about experiences of this in your world. Do you think owned communities are being ‘rediscovered’ by businesses and organisations looking for longer game with their social strategy? Or should we double down on our Facebook pages and keep focusing on building meaningful outposts?

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