#CMAD presents: Debunking The Myth Of Facebook Fatigue

Facebook fatigue has been a hot topic for the best of the past 4 years, i.e. the generalisation of Facebook itself. 4 years later we have tried to find evidence of this phenomenon. As they couldn’t find any such evidence in the literature, James Barisic and Yann Gourvennec decided to launch a survey based on US, UK and French audiences. On January 25, at 09:00 am CET (08:00 am UK), James Barisic will present the results of this exclusive survey during the Community Management Appreciation Day 2016. This survey results will be commented by 4 leading consultants from various parts of the World. Following the presentation, a whitepaper will also be made available to the audience during this presentation.

For more information, please check out: http://communitymanagerappreciationday.com/schedule/debunking-the-myth-of-facebook-fatigue/

Thriving During Tough Times Survival Tip #25 – Engage and Pulse Around Execution and Creativity

The motorists of success throughout this long as well as sluggish healing will certainly be execution AND innovation/creativity. Most of your rivals have actually made truly bad choices throughout the last 18 months and also it is displaying in their implementation. I am experiencing it virtually daily in my specialist and individual communications. I make sure you are too!

Company Changes That Bind

Change, according to olden wisdom, is the only permanent thing worldwide. It is unavoidable, something that we have no power against. Even businesses and the staff members that work for them are subject to alter.

Preparing For the NEW Normal

It’s not an excellent anxiety, neither is it a wonderful recession we’re undergoing currently. It is a fantastic compression, as economic situation improved regarded value resolves with real worth. A wonderful restructuring of the economic situation and also society, starting with a fundamental adjustment in our connections – just how we are connected and also intertwined as well as just how we act. This monetary dilemma compelled lots of to alter their lives in methods large and little. It’s with more belt-tightening, less earnings and, in a lot of cases, a new found appreciation for the most standard human comforts: family members, home and also health. Besides, life is 10% what occurs to us and 90% how we react to it.

Evaluating Change

The final and also most essential phase of the modification preparation procedure is to identify which determines you will make use of to keep an eye on and also evaluate the job outcomes (i.e. were the objectives met?). For example, if the objective was to boost performance, your measures might include the relation of figures associating with outputs, levels of variant as well as errors in order to inspect that they have raised or reduced favourably.

Becoming a Process Focused Organization

Focused procedure improvement is a basic demand to maintain efforts like quality or lean as well as to produce favorable outcomes. Organizations prosper or fall short based upon what takes place within particular essential company processes. Lots of organizations don’t sustain their quality or lean efforts since they are not focused on boosting vital business procedures.

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