#8 Video with Voice Presentation

Episode 8 of Remo 101!

Learn how to transition from “conversation mode” to “presentation mode”. Discover the perks of “presentation mode” like recording your presentation, bringing multiple speakers on stage, Q&A feature, and chat function!

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If You Think Change is Singular, You Are in Trouble!

What different means of handling change offers the guarantee of much better, smarter, cheaper, quicker alter? Consider this facility: Much waste can be avoided, genuine outcomes attained as well as considerable benefits of saved time and also price evasion recognized when past change is interlocked with all current and future change.

New Skills Give You the Secret to Ongoing Business Success

Offered the rate of modification in the world, be it on the technical or business front, our capacity to get brand-new skills and also succeed at them is critical to success. Long gone are the days when we invested the first pair of years being ‘educated’ and also managed the rest of our lives on the basis of that education and learning. The modern specialist needs to learn and educate himself daily.

Loss And Change

All modification stands for some sort of loss. In this short article, handling different kinds of loss during a companies change effort will be discussed.

Organizational Silos – How To Deal Effectively With Them

I was driving with dairy country in Virginia, as well as the silos at every farm advised me of a customer I was dealing with at the time – a successful production company going through adjustment. They had organizational silos – much tougher to handle than the ones on the farm. However they do share specific characteristics. The firm had succeeded for several years, but brand-new competition as well as new technology were compeling change. Their organizational silos were big challenges to transform.

Why I’m Not Participating In The Recession

No issue what financial experts as well as experts claim, when you concentrate on Clients as long as (or even more than) spreadsheets you will certainly bust with any kind of economic recession with upward monetary fads. Building strong Consumer relationships – in every economic situation – is the key to remaining in the black as well as keeping your business on track.

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